Build private cloud with your computer

Build private cloud with your computer

iSunCloud provides safe,visible,various ways to store your files.

Keep privacy

Keep privacy

No internet involved, only you can access your cloud.
Keep in sync

Keep in sync

Synchronizing photos and videos from your mutilple devices.
Total autonomy

Total autonomy

Authorize your PC as a private cloud, and supervise the storage by yourself.
Customizable Backup

Data protection with

customizable backup plan

Backup to your other devices by wireless network, or even public clouds like AWS (data encrypted). Local backup or remote backup depends on you

Cloud Space empower

personal Hybrid-cloud application

Automatically deploy your exclusive cloud space through the iSunNode, with independent storage partition, the same private key protection and encrypted data, then you can access personal files from the external network at any time.

iSunCloud space to make your Hybrid-cloud

Keep Data Secure

Decentralized Storage

You can store data on multiple sources, hosted by your own computers or other participants devices on cooperating cloud

Keep Data Encryption

All your files were encrypted with your private key before leaving the local

Device Management

Authorize your PC or mobile phone in your dashbord, tracking and managing the connection permissions

Backup and browse your files

on iSunCloud freely